The Council of Chairpersons

The Council of Chairpersons

Council of Chairpersons of the Party of the European Left

The Council of Chairpersons meets at least twice a year. Members are the Chairpersons of all member parties, as well as the EL Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

The Council of Chairpersons has, with regards to the Executive Board, the rights of initiative and of objection on important political issues.

The Council adopts resolutions and recommendations that are passed to the Executive Board, and decides on applications for EL membership.


Gregor Gysi

Die Linke (Germany)


Maria Teresa Mola

Communist Party of Spain


Paolo Ferrero

Partito della rifondazione comunista, Communist Refoundation Party (Italy)


Pierre Laurent

Parti Communiste Francais (PCF) French Communist Party (France)


Margarita Mileva

Българската левица, Bulgarian Left (Bulgaria)

Alper Taş

Özgürlük ve Dayanışma Partisi (ÖDP), Freedom and Solidarity Party (Turkey)

Bilge Seçkin Çetinkaya

Özgürlük ve Dayanışma Partisi (ÖDP), Freedom and Solidarity Party (Turkey)

Gavriel Pinson

Parti suisse du Travail (PST-POP), Labour Party of Switzerland (Switzerland)

Attila Vajnai

Magyarországi Munkáspárt 2006, Workers' Party of Hungary 2006 (Hungary)

Joan Josep Nuet

Esquerra unida i alternativa (EUiA), United and Alternative Left (Spain)