Economic Policy

Economic Policy

Obviously, globalisation has increased the tendency towards even more economisation of the policy. We therefore have to work out and publicly discuss concrete proposals in favour of an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development towards full employment.

Projects the working group on Economic Policy has already worked on include: the discussion about the Lisbon agenda, the Growth and Stability Pact and the so-called EU Services Directive (or Bolkestein Directive), delocalisation etc. The EL and its working structures, together with social movements, trade unions and labour organisations, join the debates and the struggle for another European economic, social and employment policy.

The first projects of the working group were:

  • a communiqué on the ending of the multi-fibre agreement regarding the textile industry, calling on the European Union to declare a "manifest state of crisis" in those regions where the textile industry is important;
  • an EL discussion paper on a reform of the EU Stability Pact, a definite reorientation of the European Central Bank and the introduction of new criteria of economic development, in particular full employment and social security;
  • a conference in Paris about employment, with a particular focus on security and training as essential parts of the battle of ideas.



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