Next Events

Next Events:

22 November

Working group political document

Meeting of the working group on the political document for the EL-Congress.

13 December to 15 December

EL Congress

The 4th EL Congress will takes place in Madrid at the Auditorium Hotel, 13-15 December 2013. For more information please click...

12 January

Rosa Luxemburg / Karl Liebknecht Commemoration

Berlin, at "Gedenkstätte der Sozialisten (Friedrichsfelde)": www....

13 January

EL-Treasurers’ Meeting

Berlin, at the Headquarters of Die Linke: Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28

01 February to 02 February

Coordination Group of Mediterranean Conference

Athens, Greece

03 February

Rencontre publique avec Alexis Tsipras

Paris, France

lundi 3 février à 19h30
au siège du PCF, au 2, place du Colonel Fabien à Paris



08 February to 09 February

EL Executive Board meeting

Rome, Italy

08 March

Berlin 8th March, Start of EL Campaign on Abortion

On 8th March the campaign for the defence on the Right on Abortion started in Berlin, coinciding with the...